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Like everything else during this past year, Valentine’s Day 2021 will look a little different. At a time when we are spending a lot more time at home, we asked a few couples in the IAM who are happy after years of balancing their work and home lives together how they met and how they keep love alive.    

Elizabeth Groner Rosario and Sean Rosario

Finding The One in 100  

Elizabeth Groner was happy to join the selection committee for the United 100 rewards program, looking for good news after a particularly tough year. After United cut flights at her home city of Cleveland by more than half, she had transferred to Washington Dulles Airport to avoid being furloughed. Sharing a townhouse with coworkers and commuting to her home in Cleveland, Elizabeth said that at that time, “looking for love was not on the agenda.”

Sean Rosario, a Lead Ramp Services Agent and Local 914 Shop Steward from Newark, had been asking other committee members about Elizabeth when he started a conversation with her after a meeting. Soon they found themselves flying almost every week to see each other in Virginia, Cleveland, and Newark. In the end, Sean and New Jersey won Elizabeth’s heart.

Two months after their engagement, Elizabeth was offered a full-time position as a Customer Service Agent in Newark. She joined Local 914 in 2017, determined to “do more” in her union, and she now serves as Shop Steward and Local 914 Communicator. Sean is the Local 914 Educator and Auditor, and they are both members of the EWR Safety Committee.

“I am so happy that Sean encouraged me to get more involved in the union,” said Elizabeth. “I feel so much more connected, and I love that we can share this work too.” 


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