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In the IAM Safety is at the forefront of everything we do.
Our mission is simple. “For every member to go home to their family and loved ones the same way they came in”
Through meetings and utilizing our effective GSAP program our members have the tools and resources they need to speak up and
report concerns as well as bring ideas for corrective action.
This will help to reduce and mitigate on the job injuries and aircraft damages.
Keeping our members SAFE is priority #1.

The Safety Advocate Team, Safety committee and myself are here when you need us.

Edgard Mendez
Local Lodge 914 Safety Committee Chair

Sean Rosario

Safety Committee

Sean has been a Safety Advocate in EWR for over 10 years. He has attended many safety events over the last decade for both United and the IAM. He has been working closely with United and IAM leadership to develop tools and programs to benefit the members in safety here in EWR and systemwide. He has various skills in safety such as OSHA, CPR/AED, Incident Investigation, and many more. Sean has submitted hundreds of GSAPs over the years and has helped EWR grow in safety during that time.

Hector Perez

Safety Committee

Mike Intorcia

Safety Committee

Henry Foster

Safety Committee

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